We develop computer systems highly specialized for the electric sector.

Our tools are used by the greatest companies of distribution in the country in the segments of planning, operation, protection, losses, rates, market, reliability and much more.

Our tools are used by the largest distribution companies in the country in the segments of tactical and operational planning , calculation of technical losses, electrical calculations, tariff structure, regulatory losses, market forecast and much more.

Click the links below and meet the softwares developed by Daimon team:

Interplan ®
Network analysis and planning studies of electrical energy distribution systems.
Pertec ®  
Calculation and analysis of technical losses in all segments of the distribution system.

Interplan Operação ®
Analysis and operation of distribution networks in real time.

Pertec AE ®
Economic analysis works aiming at the reduction of technical losses and loss great determination.

Sismedi ®
The RNT's management and ANEEL measurements sample (Resolution 505).

PerReg ®
Calculation of regulatory losses by segment and voltage level, according to the ANEEL methodology.

Help system in the tariff review process.

Interprote ®
Selection and studies of coordination of protection of primary networks.

Quality ®
Analysis of occurrences and calculation of indicators (DEC, FEC, END).

D_Merc ®
Analysis, diagnosis and forecast of the energy markets and demand, with global and spatial approach.

Cargas Perturbadoras ®
Evaluation of methods of electric motors starting.

D_Pex ®
Analysis of expansion works with regulatory bias.